5 Things | April 16th 2021

A now desperate attempt to give people stickers

  1. Wow. Pulled from the rubble of Brendell University, our second sketch has arrived. A MESSAGE FROM UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT DONNA MICHAELS disseminates information from an ancient yet recent pandemic era. It’s on Youtube.

  2. Austin Sketch Fest! Friday April 23rd Grapefruit Bubbly will be bringing it’s talents to south Texas … virtually. With headliners Meg Stalter, Atsuko Okatsuka, and Kevin Pollack and Alchemy This! Grapefruit Bubbly is excited to be a part of a fantastic line-up showcasing some amazing sketch and improv comedians.

  3. Second City Improv! Eli will be performing in a virtual improv showcase on Saturday April 24th at 5PM CST. After taking classes the past 6-weeks, a talented group of students will be showcasing all they’ve learned at this virtual jam. It’s free to attend on Zoom, but you have to register beforehand. Join with this link!

  4. March Madness may be over but the quest to stop getting your head dribbled like a basketball never ends. Ryan details the trials and dribble-ulations in his recent article on Medium.

  5. Stickers! The sticker giving will continue until morale improves. We still have plenty of stickers ready to distribute to any fan who wants one, just fill out this form and tell us where to send it!

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