5 Things | April 23rd 2021

Grapefruit Bubbly goes south to Austin for the weekend!

  1. Austin Sketch Fest is this weekend! We are so excited to be sharing our sketches in this awesome, all-virtual festival streaming on Twitch. We will be performing at 6:30pm on Friday night (that’s tonight!) and you can watch by going to Coldtowne Theater’s official Twitch stream tonight at showtime!

    We’re excited to be included in such a funny and talented line-up of comedians so this weeks newsletter will be dedicated to sharing some of our favorite stuff from this weekends performers! Watch it, love it, and then come watch them do it live this weekend!

  2. Meg Stalter is a comedian based in Los Angeles, California known for her viral videos portraying a wide-variety of desperate, deluded characters who are prone to theatricality, frequent mispronunciations, and botched seduction attempts.

    Watch her in one of our favorite videos The Girlfriend that won’t leave you alone when you are trying to work.

  3. Atsuko Okatsuka is a stand-up comedian, actress, podcast host and headliner for our show tonight! Based in Los Angeles, California, She was named a "Comedian To Watch" in Vulture's 2018 and Time Out's 2019 lists. She is the host of the popular live show and podcast Let's Go, Atsuko!

    She’s performed during an earthquake, touched-tongues with a strangers dog, and her Debut Album But I Control Me is available now!

  4. Kevin Pollak  is an American actor, comedian, impressionist and podcast host. This week in Austin, he will be performing improv with five other extraordinarily-talented improvisers for the popular podcast Alchemy This.

    Alchemy This is an improv comedy podcast where each week, Kevin presents uniquely bizarre scenarios for the performers to hilariously bring to life.

  5. We Can’t Make This Video, our podcast where we live-read our favorite sketches that we can’t produce had it’s second episode go live this week!

    Listen on Anchor, Spotify, or Google Podcasts!

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That’s a wrap on Issue #4 of 5 Things by Grapefruit Bubbly. As always, Thank you for your support!

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