5 Things | May 1st 2021

Our first and quite frankly, probably not our last Saturday edition

Thank you so much to everyone who joined as at Austin Sketch Fest this past week! We had so much fun performing *live* for the first time, and are excited to be back at it again shortly!

  1. Our newest sketch video Corrections premiered this past week at Austin Sketch Fest, and now it is available to you! A Shakespearian tragedy featuring two star-crossed lovers yearning from the other side of the news desk, this conflict could only end in drama.

  2. The latest episode of our podcast short We Can’t Make This Video was released last week. The Furry Convention follows a man who just wants to be accepted coming head to head with the police state that wants to stop him. It’s a fun one!

  3. The Oscars were this last week, and while the features get a lot of love, great comedy is often found in those nominated for live-action short film. The Letter Room features Oscar Isaac is a corrections officer transferred to the letter room in a prison. More charming than laugh out loud funny it’s unique story and expose on the good in all people made it my favorite nominee this year

  4. Phonic Phoenix Productions is an LA based graphic and audio entertainment organization created by Shawn Random. I discovered them while looking for inspiration for our own audio production and was blown away by crisp, well produced audio and the witty writing. The Sitcom Trilogy is laugh out loud funny. Check it out!

  5. Ben Marshall is a comedian who finally got his big break. Check it out his latest sketch on twitter

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