5 Things on Friday April 2nd

Issue #1 of Many

  1. Our first video THE ZOOM CYCLE fresh off its premiere at the Toronto Sketch Fest went live on our YouTube. The sketch mimics a virtual meeting as coworkers learn to deal with a boss whose decided to use the time to get in his morning cycle. You can watch it here.

  2. Ryan Kushner, writer, satirist, and 1/3 of Grapefruit Bubbly, regularly publishes hilarious articles, monologues, and a serialized novel about the trials and tribulations of Ghost Law to his Medium page. This week we’re featuring one of our personal favorites Avatar Fan Club Meeting: Please DO NOT Park in the Joann Fabrics Next Door. Enjoy!

  3. Live Stand-up Comedy is BACK in Madison. Comedy on State’s famous Wednesday night Open Mic has returned, featuring the best local stand-ups in Madison, and some newcomers as well. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 9pm every Wednesday night. More information on drink specials, ticket prices, covid protocols and how to sign-up to perform yourself can be found on the Comedy on State website.

  1. This week, while editing videos we had a great discussion about captioning comedy videos for social media. Captioning is awesome, it takes what is typically an audio dependent medium and makes it more accessible for everyone. Comedian Moses Storm has a seriously hilarious bit about stand-up comedy in the social media era , captioning, and the competition with Instagram Butt Models. We think you’ll really enjoy it. Watch it on YouTube.

    Moses will also be performing at Comedy on State May 6th, 7th and 8th. Details on that show and ticket purchase options can be found here.

  2. And finally, the reason you’re all here. STICKERS. Grapefruit Bubbly official stickers are here, and as a thank you for being one of our earliest subscribers, We would like to send you one FREE.

    Submit this form with your information on where you want us to send the sticker, or if you live in Madison and prefer local pick-up, email grapefruitbubbly@gmail to arrange a time to come get it on the west side of the Isthmus.

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Our next thing is the first episode of WE CAN’T MAKE THIS VIDEO, a podcast where we read the scripts we’ve written that are impossible to make. That will be available where ever you get your podcasts on Wednesday April 7th.

That’s a wrap on Issue #1 of 5 Things by Grapefruit Bubbly. As always, Thank you for your support! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @GFBubbly and checkout our website grapefruitbubbly.com